Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Just a few more days

I'm coming up on one year of eating paleo.  Never in a million years did I think I could NOT eat bread and cheese on a regular basis because that is crazy talk right?  I mean just completely insane. Because bread and cheese taste good.

Yet, I have lived with eating mostly paleo for almost a YEAR!  I've never done anything for that long - I mean any personal improvement things.  It is exciting because I have "exercised" so many food demons.

I am no longer addicted to sugar and I can go weeks without dessert - weeks!  I couldn't even go like hours before this.  My poor children tell me I haven't made cookies in soooooooooooo long.

There are so many benefits for me that I have found eating this way.  I will begin to unpack those soon. And I think I'm going to do a give-a-way too!

For now here are a few posts I wrote over the last year:

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paleo menu plan 2.8.15

Here is this week's menu with a few new recipes.


Paleo sausage egg mc"muffin"

Bacon and eggs and green peppers and apples

Sausage, egg and pepper bake

Tex-Mex Breakfast Hash Casserole



Stir fry with stir fry frozen veggies from Sam's Club and whatever meat we have left over.  I throw in some ginger, garlic salt and coconut aminos to taste.

A big salad with whatever meat and veggies we have.


Oven baked pork ribs and

Garlic and herb crusted pork roast and

Slow cooker apple scented venison roast and

Andouille sausage and sweet potato bake and spinach salad

Pioneer Woman's Hamburger soup because it is so good.  Did not have last week

Hamburgers and homemade fries and green beans

Leftover Day


Monday, January 26, 2015

Menu Plan Paleo - 1.26.15

Here is this week's menu with a few new recipes.


Paleo sausage egg mc"muffin"

Bacon and eggs and green peppers and apples

Sausage, egg and pepper bake

Tex-Mex Breakfast Hash Casserole


Lunch is honestly just mostly leftovers from supper or if we fill the grill for the week, we have meat or chicken and then a green smoothie or salad and fruit.


Maple Chili Pork Chops and stir fry veggies and fried cauliflower rice

Cauliflower dirty rice and andouille sausage

Sweet potato chili fries and spinach salad

Spicy honey mustard pork roast and green beans (maybe baked potatoes too)

Sweet potato Enchiladas

Pioneer Woman's Hamburger soup because it is so good.

Leftover Day


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Uncharted Territory

I grew up around a lot of Christian people for most of my life and I can only name a few handfuls of people that were joyful - out of thousands.

I had heard so much.  I had went to church for so long - for every service.  I didn't miss many- Sunday morning, Sunday night, visitation, Wednesday night, revival - we were always at church.

I continued this into adulthood but then I started going do a different denomination but in all honesty it was a lot the same.  There was a few years when I went to a non denominational church that was actually quite wonderful.  There was some inner turmoil in the church and it ended with the pastor retiring and a new pastor coming in. 

My epiphany came when I sat in Sunday school as a mother and as an adult and the teacher asked what we would do if we only had a week to live.  There, of course, were the standard answers - tell as many people as I could about Jesus.

You know what?  I sat in my chair and my first thought was - "I would stop doing laundry and take my family to the beach."

I didn't think at all about Jesus or about eternity.  I came home and knew I had lost something.  It was a slow epiphany in my case because I kept going through the motions.  I kept reading my Bible daily, doing the accountability thing, going to church but I was pretty much spiritually dead inside because I just didn't believe that what I was taught was it.

I saw such a huge disconnect between what the Bible said and what I saw in churches.  And there was no joy and not a lot of hope.  But condemnation - now that was a plenty.  I was officially over it all.

I had lost my first love as the Bible said.  Manipulation and guilt just stopped working with me.  I could no longer go through the motions because of the guilt I felt.  It wasn't in me.  I did not want to.  I was done.  But I did not know anything else.  How else could one go to God without guilt?  How were you to fill the church pews if not for guilt for not knowing enough and not doing enough?

I didn't know if there was anyone out there that preached the Word but dropped the guilt.  Could there be?  I didn't think so.

So I just kept going to church but I stopped listening when I was there.  Tuning things out or literally walking out to sit in the cafe with my baby.  It is an odd place to be - spiritually desperate and hungry but not knowing what to do about it.

Christians are failing.  To preach the gospel, to love people, to show grace.  I feel like I am in a very odd place because I still 100% believe in Jesus.  I still believe what He says is true.  But I didn't believe in church anymore and I had a hard time going.  Its hard to say that because it was all I ever knew.

But I found that broken people didn't really belong in church.  You can't be broken and let people know about it.  Because if you do you aren't really having faith.  You aren't really changed. 

I finally found a church that fit what I needed.  I call it the soul healing church.   And I fear if we have to move or it disbands that I will stop going to church.

I love the Lord.  I do.  I know the Bible well having studied it all my life and memorizing many verses and chapters.  But legalism scares me.  It makes me run away.  It gives me hives - seriously.  I can't handle it.

So here I am forging ahead despite my fear and despite going into uncharted territory because with grace you don't have the checklist of things I should do or should not do.  With grace you just feel like you are free falling - literally and it is terrifying and wonderful at the same time.

And I'm still on this journey and I'm still trying to figure things out.  In the meantime I pray.  I really pray a lot. 

This was probably the book that gave me the most hope.  It changed my perspective and I love it!  I recommend everyone read it.

One Way Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stitch Fix - my first one! {A Review}

This was my first Stitch Fix!  I really enjoyed all of the pieces.  Go here to see how it works.

This was one outfit - skinny black pants and this top.
Market and Spruce - Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top and Kut from the Kloth - DAnny 5-Pocket Knit Pant:

I just didn't love this scarf.  I'm scarf-phobic - as in I don't know how to wear them and I always feel like they are choking me.  I used the guide as to how to tie it but I'm still not pulling it off.  So I returned it.

I loved this - LA Made Northridge Cowl Neck Jersey Top.  It is out of my norm but I really liked it.  Sorry pictures are not the greatest.

But see I'm still struggling with the scarf.

And this - just way too out of the box for me.  Someone else could pull this off but it just isn't me.

Overall I loved The Fix!  I would definitely do it again.  I'm planning to do it every other month. 
You can pick the cost of the items and these were $50-$100.  I'm going to try my next one to be a little cheaper just to see what I get.  You pay a $20 styling fee and you can return everything and that is all you pay or you only pay for what you keep.  You get a discount if you choose to keep everything.

I think this Stitch Fix thing will be something I try for a while!  Have you done one?

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly Workouts - Going Primal

I've been pretty consistent with my diet for a long while now but not so much with my exercise.  I've walked most weeks but I'm trying to kick up my strength.  My husband does crossfit and loves it.  I've done crossfit and I hate it.  I mean I like the idea of it.  I like the workouts but I don't like doing the workouts quickly with people which is kind of the point of crossfit.

So I've been doing primal instead.  I like it so much better.  I've been following the Primal Blueprint from Mark's Daily Apple.

You can get the ebook for free here.

So I have two strength days and one sprint day and then  the rest of the week I do walking or yoga or Pilates and I LOVE it.  And if I love it I'll actually do it.

 Monday - I usually try to do my sprints on this day.  I walk one mile, then I sprint 30 seconds as fast as I can and recover for 2 minutes and repeat for mile 2, then mile 3 I walk again.

Tuesday - Strength day - I follow the primal blue print  so I do two rounds of push ups, pull ups, squats and planks (and side planks).  I'm following the progression according to the plan.

Wednesday - 3 mile walk, pilates or yoga

Thursday - 3 milk walk, Pilates or yoga

Friday - 3 mile walk, Pilates or yoga

Saturday - strength day - same as Tuesday and possible followed by yoga flexibility

Sunday - Rest baby!

I also downloaded a yoga app that I really like called Yoga Studio.  I highly recommend it.

Since going Paleo and reading lots of crossfit and primal things about exercise I have changed so much of my thinking.  Right now I lean more that chronic cardio can actually be more detrimental than helpful.  It is a tough concept to wrap my mind around since it has always been hammered in my head  - cardio, cardio, cardio.

Now I'm actually eating to live and trying to think more of adding muscle than losing weight.  I have a long way to go but I'm trying to get there.

What workouts are  you doing?


Family Fitness - PE Week 2

Week 2 of Kids workouts!

Last week went so well - we did 4 out of the 5 workouts!  I thought hey lets give it another week and see if we can do it again. 

Day 1 - Watch this video about Why you need good fats!

Workout:  From Crossfit Kids!

Push press demonstration

Day 2 - Watch this video about The Picky Eater Project

Workout:  From Crossfit Kids!

How to do a kettlebell deadlift

Day 3 - Watch this video about How chemicals and dyes are bad for your body

Workout:  from Crossfit Kids

How to do a hang power clean

 Day 4 - Watch this video about How the Body works - Teeth

Workout:  from Crossfit Kids

How to do a wall walk

Day 5 - Watch this video about How the Body Works - Hair

Workout:  from Crossfit Kids

How to do a Hollow Rock